Tin Man

Happy December! I spent an amazing Christmas with family and running through the elements with my wife in a ski mask looking like a ninja…

After my last fun run I decided that since I was forced to put my triathlon plans on hold due to unforeseen circumstances I needed a goal to maintain my training intensity. Being the all-in kind of guy I am I decided to push my body and go for 5 marathons in 5 months. That would be 3 halves and 2 full. Two months in and I completed the first half marathon in November and earlier this month on Decembers 6th I completed my first full marathon. I took one week off and got back to running last week which was interesting. I felt like a tin man and each mile I ran was like working out the kinks and knocking off the rust. My first mile back was even forced into a run-walk approach. I am finally back to 100% and am looking forward to applying my experience in these first two races!

Luis Guilamo

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