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Bringing in 2014


First off happy new year!

As I generally start off my days… I started 2014 with a run, then complimented it with some yoga with my wife. With 2013 washing away, today’s run was a good opportunity to reflect on 2013 and contemplate what I want 2014 to be. The conclusion I came to was that 2013 was the year of success just not what I set out to succeed in. Both in and out of my running shoes I worked hard to achieve a goal and my efforts resulted in achieving something different but just as good and in many scenarios even better. One great example is that I set out to complete a triathlon really focusing on my swimming and ended up running a half marathon then a full marathon 3 weeks after. Now I am well on my way to the next marathon just weeks away.

In 2014 I will be looking to explore. I would like to explore different training methods, explore my nutrition and even explore different gear to fine tune my efforts and enhance efficiency.

Good luck in 2014!

Luis Guilamo

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