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Five for Five

So back in November I decided I was going to run 5 marathons in 5 months since I  was not going to make my triathlon in 2013 (well I could have done a sprint but I do nothing small!). The plan was to go for 2 full marathons and 3 halves. Looking at the schedule I originally believed there was a half marathon in between the two full marathons but I was wrong and they were back to back. This led me to running one full and four halves. This is something I am quite content with considering, on the finishing end of these five races, I have already started full out training for a half iron man and my body feels great. While I probably will not choose to go through the stress of so many races in a row due to travel and dealing with packet pickup in combination with work and kids… these 5 competitions provided me with some valuable experience  and key lessons moving forward:

  1. Whomever said that natural running was a hoax has never tried it the right way. I went from not being able to run for almost a decade to averaging 70km a week.
  2. 6 weeks is not enough time to ramp up training for a marathon. 8 weeks is the perfect amount of time for my physical condition to be able to get in a couple of 30km+ runs along with a rest week in between.
  3. I had a hypothesis that I tested out. Running should be enough to train for running. So for about a year I only ran with interval training and didn’t lifted weights / cross train. There was definitely a gradual decrease in my speed which showed when I was running a half marathon in about 1.45. After one month of full body tabata training I hit 1.33 on my last half marathon and felt like I could easily break 1.30 with continued training. (well at least I had a theory!)

Luis Guilamo

Tin Man

Happy December! I spent an amazing Christmas with family and running through the elements with my wife in a ski mask looking like a ninja…

After my last fun run I decided that since I was forced to put my triathlon plans on hold due to unforeseen circumstances I needed a goal to maintain my training intensity. Being the all-in kind of guy I am I decided to push my body and go for 5 marathons in 5 months. That would be 3 halves and 2 full. Two months in and I completed the first half marathon in November and earlier this month on Decembers 6th I completed my first full marathon. I took one week off and got back to running last week which was interesting. I felt like a tin man and each mile I ran was like working out the kinks and knocking off the rust. My first mile back was even forced into a run-walk approach. I am finally back to 100% and am looking forward to applying my experience in these first two races!

Luis Guilamo

The Best Thing About Running

luisguilamo miami 5k


So far the best part of all my training has been getting so many others involved. A few months ago I paced my sister to her personal best in a crowd of 40000 runners. On Father’s day I got to see my two boys dominate in a diaper and youth race after my own race. This morning I got the pleasure of pacing my wife, Asa Guilamo in her first 5k to a top 30 womans finish.  In return she paced me on her bicycle as I ran an extra 15km to and from the race, what a day!

Luis Guilamo

Running with Yoda


Its been a while since my last post… I wish I could say that the reason is because I was in Rome running my marathon but things didn’t go the way I had expected. I generally live by the motto that you need to have a plan to change it so its OK. Instead I have been traveling and two weeks later ran the shamrock shuffle with family. Not a bad feeling running through the streets of Chicago in absolutely perfect weather side by side with my big sister surrounded by 33000 other runners (one of which that had a life size Yoda on his back).

My training has taken a hit from all the traveling but the weather has at least made it easier to just run out the door. I’m bumping up my training and looking to do around 100km a week and am really excited to get into the water, “my natural habitat”.

Luis Guilamo

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